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OTHER TITLES by G.W. (Billy) Reynolds, Ed.D.

Sin City
by G.W. Reynolds

Sin City is a window into some of the basic problems facing public school educators. Dr. Reynolds has written a powerful, true life saga, based upon actual experiences he had as a principal in public schools.

Education Non-Fiction   List Price: $ 16.95
Special Webstore Price: $ 14.95

Bad Blood
by G.W. Reynolds

The Mayport Murders: The horrific fact that five people were murdered in a trailer on a main street in Mayport, Florida, near John King's haunted house, brought shock and horror to the family members of the victims and general public. However, such evil is not new to Mayport's past. This most recent tragedy may go down in Mayport history as the worst, but it is definitely not the first.

Mystery Non-Fiction   List Price: $ 12.95
Special Webstore Price: $ 10.95

Roads End
by G.W. Reynolds

G.W. Reynolds III takes his readers deep into the South Georgia woods where he introduces the members of the Roads End hunting camp. These North Florida fathers, sons, brothers, and cousins traditionally gather at the camp on the first weekend of hunting season.

Fiction   List Price: $ 21.95
Special Webstore Price: $ 19
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