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Billy Reynolds Dr. G. W. Reynolds is a retired educator with 32 years of experience under his belt. He has served as a teacher, coach and administrator. His doctoral research at the University of North Florida and his experiences with the pre-natal drug exposed children prompted him to write his non-fiction educational text, Sin City.

After retiring from the school district, Bill Reynolds quickly established himself as an accomplished author. His bestselling Jetty Man Series, intimately involves the reader in the continuing story of life in Mayport, Florida. Reynolds' talent truly captures the spirit of Mayport during the 1950's in a saga that deals with the superstitions, prejudices and beliefs that can overpower the residents of this small fishing village.

Growing up as a Mayport shrimper's son, G.W. (Billy) Reynolds,III is a lifelong resident of Jacksonville Beach Florida, where he lives with his family. He continues to write about Mayport in the Jetty Man Series, so expect to see more titles in the near future about this Florida fishing village.

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